New natural natural hemp fiber came out

It is reported that in 2012, just as the nation’s textile economy was severely winter, there was such a passionate entrepreneur in Taicang City, Suzhou, who was tirelessly struggling. He was Deng Teng of Suzhou Tianjin Mayun New Material Technology Co., Ltd., and Deng It is the comp-----

Autumn and winter quilts learn big deep sleep tricks

After entering the autumn and winter seasons, many consumers are faced with “quilt harassment”. They are less afraid of catching colds and covering them. They feel that they are too hot to suppress their sleep, but people who are not good at sleep are more likely to choose a suitable-----

An easy way to remove the smell of towels

Household towels are sometimes washed repeatedly, and will still emit a strange smell. They will also become hard and sticky, and the water absorption will be worse. Especially in summer, after a long time, not only will there be strange smell, but also sticky and yellow, people Wash with soap, -----

Maupassant necklace (1)

The beautiful and moving women in the world are often born in the family of a small staff because of the fate of the fate; this is exactly what we are going to say now. She has no dowry assets, no hope, no way for a person with money and status to know her, know her, love -----