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Furka (FKA) brand style clothing from international capital ------- Paris, France, the brand was born in 1999, FKA learn the essence of French design, blending modern design style guide the modern trend! Brand focus on the original, with Graceful woman as the design of the soul, with the source of free inspiration, will be relaxed and elegant, luxurious style into the atmosphere, focus on details of the try, advocate from the local to the overall product essence, and emphasize the style of sublimation , And then realize the brand concept of FKA hardcover!


FKA pursuit of quality of life, the modern urban women's appeal as a starting point, set the natural • fashion • trend • hardcover multi-concept clothing in one. In highlighting a woman's own charm at the same time, the courage to challenge themselves in a better fit urban women's clothing in the attitude of the extended sublimation, so as to achieve a woman in apparel! FUCKA is the transmission of a trend of personality attitude to the soul of the senses interpretation of life into the brand of women's fashion!

弗卡品牌女装 用服饰读懂女人

FKA encourages people to respect their style of dress and devote themselves to inspiring people to form their own self-concept of dress, to convey the luxury • meticulous • hardcover and wise fashion, as well as a strong contrast to highlight the visual experience of the main characteristics of the symbol.

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