Iraq's underwear shop to teach you how to display underwear products

Underwear products display the most commonly used and the most widely used method is to focus on the same kind of product in one place. Generally facing the door position, window or model area, or underwear shops on both sides of the shelves on the wall is easy to see the location of this area is mostly the display of the season's popular style; shop Nakajima shelf and cash register near Is a striking location, display more in line with the public style; dark areas showcase some unique, or stocking, underwear size underwear products.

Most customers easily in bright light lingerie store content, vibrant colors or models of clothing to attract, or to go to touch. Customer attention and more focused on the top right of the shelves, rarely pay attention to the dark shade. Gold display line is the most easy to see the human eye, the most easy to take the hand underwear display position, it is the best display position, male customers visual height is generally between 85cm to 120cm, while women are between 75-125cm.

Display stand on the bra and into column method:
伊之美 1, the first buckle buckle in the innermost row, adjust the shoulder straps on both sides to the same length, flattened on both sides, the position of the rear buckle just in front of the V-shaped Department, and then to both sides of the shoulder straps 45 degrees straighten, Card on both sides of the underwear rack, hanging back buckle and the front V-shaped tightly attached together, the direction of the hanger uniform mouth to the left.

2, a care only display four underwear the same color, size from outside to inside from small to large.

3, showing a good underwear, hanging three rows of bras off the assembly line to become a horizontal line, a support of four bra racks have become level.

4, vertical row of three bras should be consistent color, and display a good vertical bar.

5, the general focus on the first two rows of products arranged in the horizontal display, cup cover bra underneath more appropriate.

6, the price of underwear to use the clip folder hanging folder, the color of underwear must be consistent with the bra above.

Nakajima rack, sleep hanger display home service and underwear products :
Cotton pajamas display:
Suspended with the sleep hanger, hanger mouth uniform direction, showing a beautiful, convenient for customer browsing to live.
Silk pajamas, sexy pajamas display:
Silk pajamas pajamas, the first use of clothes hung in the hanger after hanging, the hanger's mouth to the left unobstructed, the vertical will naturally be smooth, fun pajamas without ironing.
Sling underwear, thermal underwear display:
Hanging with a bra hanger, the most beautiful appearance in the middle of the store shelves.

Underwear inventory in the stores are generally located in the cabinet below the ground to facilitate the salesperson to find products, special products are generally piled on the flower car sales.



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