Manuel Slava 15th Anniversary Fashion Fest Huosi Yan, Liu Yan, Ying Er will go deep celebration

At the end of summer, when all the major fashion shows in the world were in full bloom, all the models in well-known fashion circles began to show their graceful and confident charm on the T-stage. In addition, big stars were invited to attend Fashion Week's catwalk, Striving out of the large-scale, personalized clothing, but also the fashion circle, entertainment shared a visual feast.


August 12, the domestic famous brand Miaonu will be held in Shenzhen OCT East theme of the theme of "the voice of the future" in the spring and summer 2013 fashion show, and "lead the future" Kay letter 15 anniversary celebration. Organizer Kay letter Fashion Co., Ltd. invited the famous movie star Huosi Yan, the domestic frontline anchor Liu Yan and "Qianshan twilight snow" actress Ying Er and other fashion actresses attended the event, and singing, catwalk, host and other forms of Manuel Slaves 15 Anniversary fashion fun.

曼娅奴15周年时尚盛典 霍思燕、柳岩、颖儿将赴深同庆

It is understood that Manuel slave to "love yourself" as the brand concept, following the 2012 autumn and winter new Rococo style, 2013 will launch a new design style of the product. From the release show invited fashion star lineup can be seen, Manuel slave will likely launch a series of different styles of spring and summer new products. From the weekday dress style point of view, Huosi Yan, Liu Yan, Ying Er three stars respectively lead the trend of different trends, during the Paris Fashion Week earlier this year, Huo Siyan successfully created a simple and elegant style of the elegant woman with a small woman; Liu Yan has been Since bold dress style is laid the public sexy fashion image; and Ying children with the "Qianshan twilight snow" has always been to show the fresh and sweet style of dress, in the above three star's fun, 8 The night of January 12, Manuel Slava 2013 spring and summer new show release mystery will be revealed in Shenzhen OCT East.

曼娅奴15周年时尚盛典 霍思燕、柳岩、颖儿将赴深同庆

It is reported that as a leader in local apparel brands in Shenzhen, Kay letter Fashion Co., Ltd. is a design, production, sales and efficient management of the professional brand women's company, its brand Manu slave, has 15 years of development history, since Birth, always stand on the tide wave tip, a domestic fashion brand spokesman. Its fashion philosophy of "falling in love with yourself" is to let those women who wear the Manuel slave, exuding the unique charm from the inside to inspire confidence and fall in love with themselves. Since its inception, Manuel slave products are mainly targeted at 25 to 35-year-old urban women, the consumer group, with a high price, so that urban women have a beautiful, proud love for themselves. Its cheap, fast and stylish fashion design concept, fashion as natural as breathing, as every woman at your fingertips.

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