Youjia Diman focus on women's boutique for 14 years

Company Introduction
Italy Yuan Wo International Fashion Group is a collection of product development, design, production and marketing in one of the modern clothing brand enterprises in mainland China established the yuan Wo International Garment Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City, solely responsible for women's Wo Yuan Wo brand in the market in China Operation and promotion. In a strong competition in the apparel brands, the company clearly market-oriented, with the effect as the center, the design as the key to humane management-based business philosophy.
Yuan Wo international company brings together Italy, Hong Kong, the Mainland with more than the international vision of outstanding design talent, the brand from Italy's fashion, romantic design concept, the integration of international popular elements, created the "Yuan Wo International" atmosphere, elegant , Simple, stylish, charm of the brand style, vividly expressed the noble taste of mature, stylish women's grace and personality charm. The company has a high standard of operation team, unswervingly implement franchising business strategy, so that "Yuan Wo International" brand in the women's market more competitive.
Companies using advanced technology and technology, the use of high-end popular fabrics, better ensure product quality and market competitiveness, to win the pursuit of modern women. The company adopted the brand regional agency, franchising, self-marketing mode to expand the market, has received good results.


Brand style Yu Jia Diman brand positioning in the mid-range, urban fashion lady style. Its clothing is elegant and popular with clever combination of chic and exquisite fabric selection and all-inclusive prototype cutting; embodies the smooth, soft lines, simple and elegant style and diverse colors. Fashion and unobtrusive design essence, especially in line with the pursuit of the perfect modern fashion women's clothing needs. The Yugadirman brand is to interpret modern women's self-confidence, lively, energetic and modern women's lifestyle, work fashion, love fashion and other clothing-specific language.
Yu Jia Diman brand performance as simple, natural, generous, classic. The design style shows the romantic, unrestrained and retro feminine elegance, refined and mysterious noble, advocating nature and the pursuit of fashion, the international pop elements clever combination of ethnic colors, romantic, aesthetic, elegant style of integration .
Brand culture Youjia Di Man expressed the beautiful state of life, enjoy the beauty of life. The beauty of life is simple and natural, relaxed and comfortable, with the elegance, is that Yukatii represented by the new era of fashion women, to promote happy first, all relaxing life scenarios, whether it is walking, running, jumping, Still standing or sitting, relaxed and comfortable will be released.
Brand development planning Adhere to the customer as the center, brand marketing as the core, market-oriented, innovation-driven modern marketing concept, and constantly develop the market and marketing integration, thereby enhancing the company's overall image and brand awareness, reputation and loyalty .
In the relationship between partners, adhere to the common development of the policy, especially for partners to join the partners, the company in the pursuit of long-term development principles, to provide them with a comprehensive decoration system, standardized support, service system, store management, image maintenance, Promotional and other sectors. Strive to be in the next 3 years, the sales network will develop to 300 stores and department stores counter, so that the company brand in major cities throughout the country to become a best-selling brand.
Product Structure Spring and summer wear: T-shirts, shirts, shirts, pants, skirts, jackets, windbreaker, jacket and so on.
Autumn and winter wear: coat, windbreaker, jacket, pants, padded clothes, shawls, small shirt, sweater and so on.
Accessories: bags, belts, necklaces, scarves, shoes, hats and more.
Fabric: Cotton, linen, wool, silk and other natural fabrics, combined with embroidery, printing, hand-painted, Dingzhu, three-dimensional fabric modeling practices.
Including: spring and summer knitting 45% woven 35% wool 10% other 10%
Autumn and winter knit 25% woven 40% wool 30% Others 5%
Spring and summer prices Main price: 198-398 yuan Summer main price: 180-300 yuan Winter main price: 298-698 yuan Market positioning Sales terminals located in a city of two or three types of business district mainly two types of cities one or two Business-oriented business-class purpose: integrity and innovation dedicated hard-working business philosophy: to lead the fashion to enjoy the popular brand of foundry business mode of operation: the provincial agency and franchise-based model

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