Z Zegna 2013 spring and summer men's advocate comfortable classic

Z Zegna 2013 spring and summer men's clothing series on June 25 local time, spring and summer 2013 Milan Men's Wear Week release. Men's series this season, the outline is no longer full of authority and tightness of the outline lines, but more relaxed, and even slightly larger; shoulder with a nostalgic shirt similar to the non-structural design. The series is a quest for ease, a relaxed mindset, and a mythical vision of the world: "Wearing comfort and expression of mood." The blouse is inspired by the classic khaki uniform. Loose but unobtrusive, yet retains the tailoring effect. High button openings clearly highlight the silk scarf-clad face. Short sleeves make the overall shape more modern, back fold details also make the lines more gentle. High-waist pants and mercerized yellow twill pants with a French seam craft with a matching buckle collar shirt. The oversized multi-pocket Parker coat features a supple, lightweight fleece or durable cotton fabric with a comfortable multi-layer structure. Bright and unobtrusive, these hues have a feeling of gentleness over time. The artist Dan Flavin's work is the source of inspiration for this season's colors - oranges, lemons, sea greens, avocados and corals, which have led to the production of pure blue, khaki and gray-brown. The perfect gradation from fuzzy to multicolor Thanks to the selection of carefully selected fabrics, such as Solaro made from cotton and wool, it draws on the 1960s Lanificio Zegna collection, the micro-jacquard optics of blouses, pants and shirts pattern. Simple and lightweight accessories. Shoes mix and match style, the classic combination of leather and sports shoes soles, and perforation pattern leather bag on the same style of shoes will enjoy the style of show.

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